Friday, June 5, 2015

Ultimate Ball Run

Another green activity using common household waste materials like toilet rolls (yes, for the third time this month we are doing another activity with toilet rolls), kitchen rolls, cardboard boxes, egg cartons etc and just sticky tape. In my kitchen, I have a box where I keep these waste materials waiting for this one day that we decide to make something fun out of them (and make me feel less like a waste hoarder). For this Ultimate Ball Run project, the daddy was the chief engineer, Xue was the (over) enthusiastic assistant and I was just the friendly photographer.

Xue was ten times more excited about the project than us. It was hilarious watching him trying to do whatever daddy was doing. He keeping cutting up tapes and boxes and tried so hard to stick them on the wall. Or he kept putting the balls down the tunnel to test out our ball circuit. Until I tasked him to decorate the tunnels with some stickers and washi tapes and look at how on task he was.

Presenting to you our Ultimate Ball Run Version 1! I'm totally impressed with the ball catcher aka egg carton which can catch the balls at the end of the circuit with a success rate of 80%! Wow, no balls all over the place! All credits to the engineer who built it.

Let's wait for another boring stay home day to do some upgrading and expand the circuit!

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