Friday, June 26, 2015

Stamp the town!

We did some stamping art with toilet rolls and sponges  few weeks back and we are back for more stamping actions this week, with potatoes! Xue love this activity to bits, so much so that he wanted more paper to continue stamping away. Maybe he was really amused by the potato, something he has always seen on his plate but never thought he could play with it this way. This was our most elaborated painting project as the whole art work took us 4 separate sessions to complete.

Session 1: We painted the paper green and let it to dry overnight.

Session 2: I told him we are building a town and the town needs some roads. Lucky me, I found some  roads stickers and put them to good use here. We sticked on the roads stickers. Alternatively, try giving your tot pieces of washi tapes/ coloured paper tapes and get them to connect like roads. If your kid is older, you can cut out black strips of paper and get him/her to paste them on with glue.

Session 3: Xue's favourite part of the project! We stamped on houses for the town with potatoes.  I cut out a potato into half and carve out houses on each half. I told him that we were building houses for everyone in the family and he told me who each house was for. So cute.

One important tip if you are going to try potato stamping! Use very little paint. I made the mistake of providing too much paint initially and since the potato don't absorb paint, I ended up with some thick blotches of paint on the paper instead of cute little houses.

Session 4: For this last part of the activity, I gave him foam/ felt vehicle stickers and he happily pasted them all over his town.

And we were all done, our Stamp the Town art work!

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