Sunday, September 20, 2015

Duplo Pattern Cards (printable)

Hi all! I'm back for a quick post to share these Duplo Pattern Cards I made. This is one of the activities in my busy bags stash which I can take out quickly whenever I need something to keep my boy busy for a while. My son really likes this activity. Initially, I took out those tiles that he would need and place them in a basket. But he had more fun digging through his whole box of tiles and would be so happy when he got a match.

They are compatible with Duplo tiles and if you like to make one, you can download the cards here. For those of you who want to make more pattern cards, the measurement of the smallest square tile is 3.4 cm by 3.4 cm and the rectangular tile is 6.8 cm by 3.4 cm. Have fun!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bugs and Insects Theme Activities - Part 2

On top of the activities we have on the shelf, we also filled our days with many fun and creative bugs and insects related activities!

1) Toilet Rolls and Egg Cartons Bugs

2) What's in my Garden Mix Medium Collage

3) Pom Pom Snail

4) Insect Theme 1 to 5 Number Chart

5) The Very Long Caterpillar Color Matching Activity
Xue loved this activity so much that we went on to make an even longer caterpillar the next day.

6) Bugs Colour Sorting Sensory Bin

7) Do-a-Dot Insect Theme Worksheets
These amazing worksheets are from Gift of Curiosity.

8) Insect Stickers and Matching Activity

And this concludes our fun-filled Bugs and Insects month!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bugs and Insects Theme Activities Part 1

And yes, I'm a mother of 2 now. I'm still pretty overwhelmed with two little beings wanting my attention all the time and hopefully, things will get better or I will get used to this new life. So this is a rare afternoon where both of them are napping at the same time (number 1 in the room and number 2 in my sling) and I better cut the story short and finish up this post about our Bugs and Insects Theme Activities.

I really want to write this post to document this theme because this is by far my most elaborated in terms of planning and preparation. So happy that my effort paid off when I saw Xue having fun learning and the learning objectives achieved. In part 1, I'm sharing about all the activities on his shelf. Most of these materials are created and set up as 'invitations to play' - activities that hopefully will trigger the kid's curiosity and 'invite' him/her to explore the materials on his own. On top of that, I usually laminate or use velcro dots on the materials so that Xue can work on them as many times he wants. I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking. Here's a photo the invitations to play on our shelf this month.

1) Color Sorting Worms in Holes

2) Counting Spots on Ladybugs

3) Shapes Sorting Butterfly
*Drum rolls* Sharing this resource that I created for the first time!! If you like to make this too, you can download the file here.

4) Learn to Count Butterflies to Flowers

5) Sorting the Colors of the Bugs
Counting Chip Printable from Intentional by Grace

6) Pre-writing Insects to their Food
Another printable I created, you download it here.

7) Books on Creepy Crawlies and Insects

8) Bugs Sorting Busy Bag - I forgot to take a photo of this but I bought this busy bag from Curious Minds Busy Bags. Here's a photo from the shop. It's pretty difficult to buy insects manipulatives in low quantities and I was happy to find this busy bag. To top it off, it came with a sorting case too!

That's all for Part 1. Will be back with Part 2 to share about all the crafty Creepy Crawlies activities!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Nature Collage

There were these beautiful fallen leaves and petals everywhere around our neighbourhood and during our evening walk one day, we gathered some of them and brought them home. The next morning, we made a Nature Collage! This was what we did: I cut a frame with cardstock paper and placed it on the sticky side of the contact paper. And then Xue arranged and sticked the leaves and petals on the contact paper. When he was all done, I layered another piece of contact paper over to seal the art work. A perfect craft activity for Summer!