Monday, May 20, 2013

DIY Snake bolster

I saw a snake soft toy in this book and I knew I must make one for Zachy boy. Because one, this year is the year of the snake and this makes Zachy boy a snake baby! Two, this is a really short project which can be completed in an hour. And three, I have all the materials I need!

I cut out two pieces of yellow cloth using the snake pattern from the book. It's easy to just draw out the pattern on your own too. I shortened the length of the snake to approximately 20" as I wanted it to be of a bolster size for Zachy boy.

The eyes are made of felt and hand sewed in place using blanket stitch. Then I picked out some scrap fabrics and ribbons and arranged them across the body of the snake. I used a red velvet ribbon for the tongue. That's Zachy boy's name at the tail. Haha, I'm so into personalising Zachy boy's stuff these days. Once I was pleased with the arrangement, I machined sewed the fabrics and ribbons in place and hand embroidered Zachy's name onto the snake. It is helpful to baste the fabrics and ribbons first to keep them from moving out of place during the machine sewing process.

I sewed a ric rac ribbon on the underside of the snake too. Placing the right sides of the snake body fabric together, I sewed along the edge with a 1/4" seam allowance and left a 2" opening for turning the fabric and stuffing the bolster.

Stuffed in the toy filling, stitched up the opening and the snake bolster is completed! Hisss!

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  1. Sssssss! Such a cute snake! You have really amazing hands, girl. Always take my hat off you on all the things you can think of. Zachy boy is so lucky to have you! =) Thanks for linking up!

  2. Great snakes! ;-) This one is definitely a keeper. Zachy will treasure this.