Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bibs for baby friends!

WQ gave birth to a cute little baby boy in Jan! WQ is such a dear friend of mine and I was really excited when I learnt that our edd is just 1-2 months apart. It's so wonderful to have a dear friend to share all the pregnancy experiences and to see our bumps grow over the past few months. And before I realise, baby D turned one month old! I made him a little present and hope he likes it!

And I made two more bibs for my twin nephews. haha, I'm beginning to be able to tell them apart but the embroidered names will definitely be helpful!

These baby bibs are really easy to make and I think they make good gifts from my baby friends. They are great ways to use up your scrap fabrics too. This is a good tutorial if you like to learn how to make one. For the front, I used 100% cotton fabric and for the back, I used terry cloth (or simply towels).
Hehe, I made a few more bibs for Zachy boy but they will be for another post!

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