Friday, November 4, 2011

Autumn in Sweden

It is probably the most beautiful time of the year now. All around the town, the leaves on the trees have changed colour. Just two weeks ago, everywhere was still green so I was rather surprised by the sudden change to all yellow, red and brown over a week. The autumn foliage is absolutely stunning. But this beautiful sight is very short-lived because most of leaves are falling and some trees are already bald now!

We thought we should quickly have some photos with the beautiful autumn foliage as the backdrop since the weather here is rather erratic and probably before we know it, it’s might start snowing. So last weekend, we took our camera and tripod and did an autumn themed photoshoot for ourselves!

Ha! We have an idea now to do a photo shoot like this for the coming winter and spring season. If we are going home in March, we will miss summer. Then again, it’s summer in SG everyday and we could probably do a summer themed photoshoot when we are back.

We have two friends from SG visiting us in November. And in December, I have planned a Winter Grand Tour as a finale, just in case we are really returning in March. lol. It’s looking very exciting but oh man, I’ll be on the move for over 3 weeks and travel from Karlskrona to Helsinki to Oulu to Stockholm to Kiruna to √•re and finally back to Karlskrona. This does look a little oh-my-gawd now. =p

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