Saturday, April 30, 2011

VTMH Sunday: Come Spring and Blooming Flowers!

Finally, I'm on time for my VTMH Sunday post.

A mere 5 minutes walk around the town square and I just can't resist getting some flowers, ok to be precise, 6 pots of flowers for our home!  I was never a plant or flower person, probably because one) of the negative association of plants with insects and dengue fever in SG and two) I just don't think I have time to take care of another living thing other than SH and myself.

But in temperate countries, come spring and you have pretty flowers everywhere! Seeing so many flowers daily seem to have an uplifting effect on my mood and I thought, why not bring some flowers at home? To top it off, there isn't much insects here (I have only spotted 1 spider till now) which makes the whole idea of having flowers around more appealing.

And in the same morning, I bought two metal troughs for the pots and a watering can! Alright, I must show all of you the flowers now.

As you can see from the pictures, there are many unopened flowers buds and I'm really excited to see all of them in full bloom.

And I have two more pots of orchids, left behind by the previous owner and two cans of tulips (yes you heard me correctly, two cans) from Amsterdam. I will take photos of them when, or rather if their flowers bloom since their pictures now won't do them any justice.

And I just have an idea for VTMH which of course will only be revealed next Sunday! =D

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