Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What we do at home for EIGHT HOURS

This year, I made the decision to work part time and life reached a sweet balance again, a good amount of time for practising makeup and I can spend more time with Xue.

So I thought, hooray, I can play with Xue the whole day. But ask any parents, they would vouch that 'playing with kids' the whole day isn't as easy as it seemed. To put things into perspective, let's count the hours. Say Xue sleeps for 12 hours a day, including naps. I usually bring him out to the park twice a day (if weather permits). That will be around 2 hours of outdoor play. Let's count in feeding and bathing, which take at most 2 hours. Do the math and this leaves 8 hours of waking time at home. EIGHT HOURS. That's a lot of time!

I got really bored and Xue was clearly bored too playing with the same stuffs everyday. Getting him new toys will solve the problem, but it's such a bad idea for my pocket plus I observed that many of the toys aren't engaging and he wasn't interested in his 'new' toys after just a day. This got me very motivated to come up with activities for Xue and make our time at home more meaningful. I did a google search and found plenty of activity ideas and information, so here I am trying them out.

I'm making a point to document them down too so that they can be useful information for other mothers who are like me, so happy to have the whole day with our toddlers and passionate to create meaningful and fun activities for them. Anymore ideas are appreciated, take it to the comment section!

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