Friday, April 5, 2013

DIY Changing pad

Changing diaper for my baby is an exciting affair. Because I can never tell when he is really done. When I think it's safe to clean his bum, he may surprise me with an additional spurt of poo or pee. Thus the changing pad has been declared by all at home as the most useful out of all the stuffs I made because it has saved all our mattresses from that additional spurt of pee and/or poo during diaper change countless times.

Hee, of course the changing pad cannot save us all the time. Once, my boy projected his pee all over me and just the other day, he let out an explosive blast of poo and on both occasions, the pee and poo went way beyond the area of the changing pad. I must elaborate on the latter. We reacted immediately by holding up his diaper to block the poo but the force was so tremendous, the poo exploded out from the sides and splattered all over the cot. How can a little being like my boy produce such a powerful blast of gas and poo? Though we ended up with quite a cleaning to do, hubby and I just can't stop laughing about it.

I made three changing pads so far. Two are kept for use at home. We use the last changing pad when we are out and thus I made a diaper pouch to go along with it. The diaper pouch can hold a travel pack wet wipes, the changing pad, four diapers and some plastic bags. I thought it would be handy to have all the essentials in one pouch and I just have to carry my baby and the pouch to the baby room for his diaper change.

I followed these helpful tutorials (pouch and the changing pad) with some slight modifications: 1) Instead of having the elastic strap to hold the changing pad, I added a pocket. 2) I added a strap for the pouch. 3) I added a thin padding for my changing pad. 4) I made my pouch slightly wider with 8" by 22" fabric to accommodate the padded changing pad.

I bought the iron on vinyl from Amazon and it cost close to 30 bucks. It's expensive but still cheaper than if I purchase it from Spotlight (cost almost 50 bucks). It can be very frustrating finding craft materials in Singapore, things are either very expensive or the shops just don't have it. To be honest, it's definitely cheaper if I just buy the changing pad from shops. But that won't stop me from crafting and sewing because the satisfaction of seeing my completed creation is priceless!

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  1. *gasp* you even made this? So amazing, girl! Looks so cute and handy too, I love the pouch! Tell me about the poo lor. Haha. Anyway it happens only during the first couple of months so you are right, have a good laugh because next time you can only look back and maybe even miss it!