Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I'm officially 30. It's funny to recall how a year ago, I was really dreading for this day to come. It wasn't about turning old that freaked me out. It was the thought of having to decide what I want to do and make a final dash for my dreams before kids come along. So I set myself this 'death sentence' and I got very stressed that I wouldn't be able to dream anymore after 30.

I am just grateful for an enlightening chat with a wise good friend to help me put everything into better perspective. Over dinner one night, WL shared with me how she felt more empowered and ready to accomplish more things now than when she was younger.

What she said got me thinking about everything that has happened in my life. I married my best friend and this was the best thing that happened to me. I wake up every morning feeling so blessed because no matter what I choose to do, I know SH will always stand by me. Then we went to Sweden, and there, we were inspired to create a balanced, purposeful and simple life together. When I returned to SG, I joined The Make Up Room and words can't explain how blessed I am to be part of this family! I can freely and passionately pursue my interest in makeup with the guidance of my wonderful bosses and colleagues. In March, our little family of two will become three! We are very excited and really looking forward for our boy to be part of our life journey.

At 30, my dreams are just beginning to come true! It's indeed empowering to realise that I have a lifetime to chase my dreams, my life don't stop at 30 and I have SH (and my little boy) to walk this adventure-filled life with me.

Turning 30 never felt better.

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  1. Happy 30, girl! It's my turn soon! Yeah let's embrace it and not fear it! And hey, becoming a mum will be your biggest milestone this year! =)