Friday, September 23, 2011

Kungsholmen fortress

We saw photos of Kungsholmen fortress on many postcards and also saw it across the sea from Drottningskär citadel at Aspö island but had no idea how to get to that island. Then I found out from the tourist information centre that the fortress is a military area which is still in use and we can only visit it with an official guide. So on one Saturday, SH and I joined a guided tour to visit this beautiful old fortification.

The Kungsholmen fortress together with Drottningskär citadel protected the southern fairway into Karlskrona. These impressive fortifications were huge deterrences to any intruders and they never had to fire a shot in anger.

The fortress walls were covered with the vivid autumn foliages. We were mesmerized by the beautiful colours. I think we ended up taking more photos of the foliages than the fortress!

The botanical garden had plants and trees from all corners of the world. The plants were collected during the Navy’s sea training cruises and the tradition of bringing a plant or tree to Kungsholmen at the end of a cruise continues until this day. Our guide pointed out a tree which was brought all the way back from China.

Honestly, after the tour, we wondered why we didn't join such tours earlier. It was so interesting learning more about the history of our town and how Kungsholmen fortress played an important role in protecting the town.

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