Thursday, August 4, 2011

Leaving Karlskrona earlier?

Over dinner last night, SH told me that we may be returning to SG earlier, most probably in March next year. Many friends have told me that their return dates have been delayed several times so I'm not surprised with the change in our date of return. We will only have confirmation about our return in December. SH asked if the arrangement was alright. I replied him: "I'll be very sad to leave, but it's ok."

Guess we came knowing that we are not staying for good, but the thought of leaving Karlskrona (and possibly not coming back anymore) really saddens me. This place has just begun to feel like home.

But the logical side of me knows that it's better this way. I have been avoiding thinking about my plans in SG and an earlier return will mean that I should make some decisions very soon.

Just one more autumn, winter and spring left.


  1. Totally understand your feelings. I am also beginning to like where I am staying now... sigh,,

  2. yeah, let's treasure our last few months at our second home. =D