Sunday, July 31, 2011

2D1N Röstånga to Åstorp hike - We made it out!

We started the hike at 10am from Röstånga town and walked through Söderåsen National Park. This section of the hike provided rewarding views of the Skärån valley and the gorge at Skäralid.

We exited the national park in the late afternoon and it began to drizzle. At 8pm, we finally saw the sign which pointed towards the Kirka Skog campsite. I'm sure we would have jump for joy if we weren't that tired. Still, we gathered out last bit of energy and half-skipped and half-dragged ourselves to the campsite! We were so hungry, we cooked three packets of 出前一丁 instant noodles for dinner.

On day two, we almost walked 23 km non-stop. Haha this wasn't intentional! We left the campsite at 8am and aimed to reach Hålebäck (15km away) for lunch. But we walked past our lunch point unknowingly. Since we weren't too far from the next picnic spot, we decided to walk further and have lunch later. And somehow, we missed the next lunch point too! By that time, we were just 4km away from the end point and knowing that the end is near probably made us forget how hungry we were. And at 3.45pm, we reached the end point Tingvalla, Åstorp.

The main highlight of day two must be this beautiful sunflower field.

The 45 km route travelled over extremely varied terrains which made the whole hiking experience really interesting: wood chips, grass, tree stumps and roots, streams, bridges, muddy soil, gravel roads, rocky paths and well-worn footpaths.

We survived the hike! For a comfortable pace, most websites recommended doing this hike in three days and we decided to do it in two days. We really shouldn't be in denial and think that we are still young and fit. Haha.

Eventually, we did finish the 45 km hike in two days but my legs were aching badly and I could barely walk properly towards the end of the hike. Our shoulders were aching too from carrying the backpacks. At the end of day one, we were contemplating whether to shorten the hike but I'm glad we didn't. We felt a great sense of accomplishment from completing the journey and not giving up halfway.

These awesome feelings make persisting through tough journeys totally worthwhile, don't you agree? Lastly, here are more photos from the hike to share:

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