Sunday, May 29, 2011

What I did this week

Just a quick post on what i have been up to these days!

20/5 - 22/5: We had a 3D2N family camp at Höganäs, 3 hours drive away from Karlskrona town. It was a great experience staying together with 8 other families and friends! I think I'll do a separate post on this camp, but I hope I'll eventually get down to doing it.

24/5: A friend left her keys and jacket at the campsite! She wanted to drive to the campsite as her husband doesn't drive and was pretty caught up with work. But she's 32 weeks into her pregnancy and we are worried about her driving 6 hours on her own. So SH and I offered to drive her there to pick up her stuffs.

27/5: It's Prom Night, a very important event for the college students. And it was a busy day at the shop preparing the ladies for Prom. I did makeup for 6 students!

28/5: We had another maternity photoshoot with CC and WC! CC is 32 weeks into her pregnancy. Coincidentally, CC and Luz expected date of delivery falls on the same day!

29/5: Some families are returning to SG in June and they booked 2 tables in a flea market at Brüns Park to sell their stuffs. SH and I went along to babysit their children. I conclude that children seem to run on unlimited energy supply! SH and I are totally exhausted now.

I really have to end this post and get some sleep. Good night friends.

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