Monday, May 16, 2011

VTMH: World Heritage Town Edition

The World Heritage Site of the Naval City of Karlskrona consists of the fortifications, the naval dockyard and harbour, the town itself and the old buildings on the island of Trossö and lastly, installations in the surrounding district that have been important sources of supply and support for the base.

To start off my VTMH World Heritage Town Edition, we are going to explore the town a bit more and visit the old buildings on the island of Trösso.

And first up, The Admiralty Clock Tower.

From 1699, the Clock Tower in the Admiralty Park was built as a clock for the workers at the dockyard. In 1909 it was used as a bell tower for the Admiralty Church, and is now one of the most prominent landmarks in the town.

Here's how the clock tower looks like in winter and spring! I actually prefer the clock tower against the white snow and gloomy sky background to it with green grass and clear blue sky.

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