Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy CNY!

I have tons of things to update, but here's a quick summary of what I was doing over the past few days to explain my disappearance for the past week:

29/1: CNY celebration Round 1: Steamboat, MJ, poker and KTV at AG & JY's place.

30/1: CNY celebration Round 2: Buffet, poker and KTV at AG & JY's place. We had so much food left from the steamboat so we decided to gather again to finish all the food. So every family took some stuffs home and prepared a dish each for the buffet.

2/2: Reunion Dinner at my place: We invited hubby's friends who came to Sweden alone over to have reunion dinner together. I prepared some dishes (2 vegetables, braised pork, herbal chicken soup, assam fish) and my friend Luz contributed roast duck!

3/2 - 5/2: Gothenburg: We went for a short trip to Gothenburg (2nd largest Swedish town after Stockholm, 5 hours drive away) with the same 6 people who were at my place for reunion dinner. Great trip! It felt like a Hong Kong trip as I was just eating and shopping and eating and shopping every day!

5/2: CNY celebration Round 3: Dinner and Poker at AG & JY's place again! We reached Karlskrona at 8.30pm after a 5hr drive and joined our friends for Round 3.

6/2: Ice skating in the afternoon and CNY celebration Round 4: Dinner at GL & Luz's place.

7/2: And today, I'm NOT going out!! I'm declaring today as stay-home-&-do-housework day!!

Lastly, happy CNY to all my friends in SG! =D

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